Players Club Contract Terms & Conditions

1. PARTIES: Member agrees that by signing this agreement, Members has purchased a memberships and/or related services from Gillette Ridge Golf Club (the “Club”) for which Member agrees to all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and applicable to such membership and/or related services. Member further agrees to conform to and abide by all Player’s Club rules and regulations and other policies as well as any club or course specific rules.

2. GENERAL PROVISIONS & TERMS: The term of this Agreement shall be month to month and shall commence on the date this Agreement is executed and payment of the first months’ Plan Fee is received (“Effective Date”). Member agrees to make timely payments of the monthly Plan Fee and any and all other charges incurred by Member. Member agrees to maintain a current credit card account in Member’s name on file as part of Member’s SUPREME GOLF Player’s Club profile. Member agrees that the credit card on file will be charged each month for the corresponding Plan Fee. Member further agrees that the Club is not responsible for any fees incurred as a result of the Club billing Member’s credit card.

3. CLUB ACCESS; MEMBERSHIP TYPE: Member agrees that Member has selected the Club access level and membership type designated by Member. Membership grants Member a revocable license to use the facilities at Gillette Ridge Golf Club or any participating club, as applicable, as outlined by the benefits and terms and conditions located on the Player’s Club website for Gillette Ridge Golf Club and/or any participating club. Member agrees that Member’s benefits are non-transferable and do not give Member any rights in Gillette Ridge Golf Club or in any participating cub, as applicable, or in the management, property or operations of thereof. Membership types and rates sold in connection with the Player’s Club are subject to change and can vary from time to time. Any special promotional membership types and/or rates, privileges, usage, hours or available facilities shall only be valid at the club of enrollment, unless otherwise noted or agreed to by the Club and/or participating clubs.


  1. Plan Fees and Other Fees: Member agrees to pay the Plan Fees and other fees outlined in the registration process. Member’s monthly Plan Fee will be automatically charged to the payment method registration on the same day each month. If Member’s membership is purchased on a day that does not exist in the subsequent month, Member will be charged on the last day of that month. The Player’s Club has the right to increase monthly Plan Fees upon 30 days’ advance notice via e-mail to Member’s e-mail address on file. Plan Fees may be subject to applicable taxes and processing fees on a monthly basis as determined by the local sales tax and the Club.

  2. Minimum Commitments: Member agrees to remain a member in good standing for a minimum of sixty (60) consecutive days from the Effective Date (the “Loyalty Period”). Any memberships cancelled or terminated during the Loyalty Period shall be charged for a minimum of two (2) months’ Plan Fees. Member understands that the monthly Plan Fee will not be waived under any circumstances, regardless of whether the Member exercises Member’s Player’s Club benefits in any given month.

  3. Cancellations/Terminations: All cancellation requests must be submitted via the Player’s Club website and shall be effective thirty (30) days from such submission; therefore, Member shall be responsible for all dues and other fees or charges incurred during the 30-day notice period. Members who are unable to log into the Player’s Club website may mail written, cancellation requests to: Attn: Players Club Cancellations , 1360 Hall Blvd, Bloomfield, CT 06002. The Club reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to terminate Member’s membership immediately in the event of any violation of the Club’s Rules and Regulations or other policy of the Club by Member or any other authorized user under the membership.

5. UPGRADES & TRANSFERS: Members may upgrade or downgrade their membership levels without any penalty at any time. To upgrade or downgrade, Members must log into their online accounts and complete the transaction request from. If Members are unable to log into the Player’s Club website, written requests can be mailed to Attn: Players Club Cancellations , 1360 Hall Blvd, Bloomfield, CT 06002.

BENEFITS: Benefits may change at any time, and in the event of a change in benefits, the Player’s Club will provide notification via email for any benefits changes or adjustments at least thirty (30) days prior to such effective change. To see a current list of member benefits visit