Welcome to the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Gillette Ridge

Mr. Palmer’s Approach

The Arnold Palmer Golf Academy is a specialized instructional business offering an individual and group learning setting. Our approach to golf instruction completely mirrors Arnold Palmer’s philosophy of the game. It’s an approach that made him a legend among all who love golf.

At the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy, we recognize and respect your individuality. Our unique system of learning is successful because we work with you, enhancing your strengths and improving your weaknesses through sound fundamentals. We work with our students own natural abilities. Goals and suggested practice routines are geared to our student’s temperament, ability and desire.

Taught His Way

Programs provide an enjoyable mix of classroom, practice time and actual play. The Academy’s programs cover every aspect of the game; the long and short games, specialty shots, club selection, course strategy, equipment fitting and much more. And, just as importantly, our students learn how to adopt a champion’s attitude through thought process and visualization. Each day our students will be challenged to apply what they’ve learned on a championship-level course.

Instructors possess the same winning attitude and adherence to the fundamentals as Deacon Palmer taught his son. Some of the game’s toughest competitors from the LPGA, PGA, and Champions Tour have benefited from our coaching. We enjoy teaching all skill levels from the pure beginner to the tour professional. Our goal is to help you achieve your fullest golfing potential while at the same time, making learning and practice a truly enjoyable experience.

 Long after our students have completed their program, we will remain accessible via telephone, e-mail, and video follow-ups to help our students keep their progress on the right track.

The Palmer Method

  1. Mastering the Fundamentals. Full Swing: pave the way to consistent ball striking and master Arnold Palmer’s 5 basic fundamentals; grip, address, one-piece takeaway, steady head, and acceleration. Includes video swing analysis and take home video.
  2. The Scoring Zone. Short Game: training on the address positions for short game shots found from 50 years and in. Learn the skills needed to develop a consistent and accurate short game. Includes techniques for putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots.
  3. Course Strategy. Lower Your Scores: we help you put it all together - club selection, pre-shot routine, and choosing a strategy that fits both your golfing ability and your playing personality. Learn the difference between taking a risk vs. a gamble, how to play golf shots vs. thinking swing mechanics, and most of all . . . have fun!
  4. Practice Like a Pro. Quality Practice: learn how to make your practice time more effective. Develop a practice routine that will improve your confidence and consistency on the golf course. Includes drills and exercises that will help you build a functional and repeatable golf swing.